Sponsors and Supporters Profiles

Our Sponsors and Supporters provide us with invaluable financial support which allows us to focus on our core business - delivering excellent hockey experiences to the more than 9,000 hockey players who make up our hockey community.

It's important to us that our hockey community is aware of who our supporters are, so we've profiled a number of these Supporters below.


Founder and Principal Sponsor

Craigs Investment Partners 

Craigs Investment Partners Limited (formerly ABN Amro Craigs.) is an NZX Firm
that was established in 1984. It is one of New Zealand's largest and most established
investment advisory firms. Craigs Investment Partners is 100% owned by certain
staff and close business associates.

Services offered Include: Sharebroking, Portfolio Strategy and Management, Retirement Planning and Superannuation, Investment Advisory, Custodial Services, Foreign Exchange, Asset Allocation, Cash Management, Portfolio Lending, Research and such other services as introduced from time to time by Craigs.

Craigs Investment Partners is committed to a wide variety of sponsorship programmes throughout New Zealand, and through its Hamilton office, have been a supporter and sponsor of Midlands Hockey since its formative years dating back to 1998.

In 2007 (under ABN Amro Craigs) we are excited to have been the initiator and major sponsor of the Midlands Hockey High Performance programme. This high performance programme covers player and coach development at all ages, delivering outstanding programmes for Under21 and NHL teams, and ensuring our players, coaches and managers have every opportunity to win titles and achieve higher honours.

Our Craigs Investment Partners company vision is to do everything we can to help "make the future you want". While our business is in delivering investment advice, we see our role and responsibilities within our local communities as much wider.

Coaching and our youth are the future. With the Midlands High Performance Hockey programme, Midlands Hockey will deliver the highest quality coaching and provide increased opportunities for aspiring players and coaches. We are excited by this programme's potential to make a significant difference in the region and New Zealand Hockey.

The commitment and courage required for Midlands Hockey to make these bold steps is something we believe players and coaches should embrace. It is our belief that those individuals that take part in this high performance programme, which encourages and enhances commitment, passion, and achievement within a team environment, will benefit from this experience in all aspects of their lives.

"A free disclosure statement is available on request"

Jon Tanner

Craigs Investment Partners – Hamilton

Gold Sponsor   


Bayleys is delighted to have been associated with Midlands Hockey and the Bayleys Midlands National Hockey League Teams for many years.

The synergy between sport and business is well documented - Bayleys is extremely proud to be associated with Midlands Hockey and recognises the like minded vision of pride, passion and performance. It’s about being at the pinnacle of your chosen field. It’s about striving to be number one. 

At Bayleys, we have teams of finance, marketing, administrators, IT systems who back up our sales people and provide them with the best possible opportunity to succeed – just as the players have coaches, managers, administrators and supporters; all working together towards a common goal.

We are extremely proud that the teams carry our Bayleys name and our logo. And we are delighted to be amongst an impressive list of other sponsors and supporters.

At Bayleys, we love people and we love our community – Real Estate is our business and we are good at it, we have the best people working for the best results.

Congratulations to the Bayleys Midlands NHL teams— you make us proud.