Regional Talent Programme

The Midlands Talent Development Pathway is a programme that provides extended development for our Coaches, Athletes and Officials. It runs year round and is separate to the campaign team trainings.

The different levels of the programme are indicated by the names. Perform targets the High Performance end of the region. Our local Black Sticks, NZ identified and NHL players, coaches and umpires. Perform is about refining the participants wide range of skills and processes into a final product that will allow them to progress.

Develop focuses on the transition phase from preparing for best performance to being able to apply the practice of best performance. New processes, establishing routines and positive behaviours are strongly evident at this stage and it is where many decisions are made.

The Explore ties in with associations to offer every opportunity for our younger players to learn about the history, culture and expectations of High Performance Hockey. This is at a stage where specialization is beginning. New skills, techniques and concepts are frequent.

An example of the athlete pathway is below with indication as to when Midlands Hockey assists the players in this case to allow them NZ representative opportunities 


If you are a coach or umpire contact your association in the first instance. Nominations come through each of the 5 associations with recommendations for further development.

If you are a player at U15 Explore squad, you will need to be nominated by your association.

The Develop squad is open to trialists under the age of 21. The information on trials is available on the home page of the website at the beginning of the year.

Perform squad athletes are selected from representatives at National regional campaigns.


Yes there are costs of being involved. These are approximate and sit at $400 - $600. This varies on the location of your training center and the accessibility of facilities to you throughout the programme.

For information on Develop or Explore contact our team at